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Tina Nguyen IFBB Vietnamese Female Bodybuilder

IFBB Pro Tina Nguyen

The fabulous physique of Tina Nguyen has led her to qualifying for the Texas State Championships in 2013, coming first in the NPC Nationals in 2014 and second in 2015 competing in the IFBB Europa, Dallas. This stunning female is originally from Vietnam and started out as a professional athlete, she lives in Texas now where she combines her bodybuilding …

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Black Wolf Pre Workout For Women

Pre Workout for Women

If you’re looking for a quality pre-workout for women bodybuilding supplement then take a look at Blackwolf. It’s a premium all-in-one workout supplement range to maximise gym results for men and women. The unique Power Blend gives each Blackwolf product the “power base” that helps ensure users success and results. The Blackwolf Power Blend combines the exact quantities of BCAA’s, …

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Lisa Cross Nude Female Bodybuilder

Lisa Cross Nude Female Body Builder

Lisa Cross from the United Kingdom is some serious FBB (female body builder) This woman is built. Born in 1978 she was once a policewoman and an English teacher. Now there’s two occupations that could make good use of some “Cross” discipline !! She has been weight training since 2003 and has been conditioning for competitive entry since 2008. At …

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